First, I do not beleive that rocks, fire, sky and water are the basic elements of the universe. This is just a quote from one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: the Next Generation: Thine Own Self. The themes inspired by the quote just happened to fit the already existing yet previously unconnected motifs I had in my website and it created a good excuse for me to point out the following.

In this episode the protagonist, Data, looses his memory (but not his personality/​intelligeligence) and finds himself in a preindustrial village (where they name him Jayden). There a teacher is giving young children a science lesson. She is clearly using supeficial observations rather than imperical evidence to draw conclusions about the fundamental nature of the material universe. The point was obvious: that modern science (involving the "scientific method" and freedom from superstition or tradition, which has landed people on the moon and cured polio, etc.) is absolutely superior to the old paradigm (which produced such conclusions as the entire world being flat just because it appeared that way). (full synopsis)

I do not disagree with the writers of that story but I find it sadly represents the attitude of thousands of self proclaimed scientists around the world today. The sad part is they stop there. They say that all they can see is all there is and they do not see the hypocracy. A thousand years ago if someone were to try to enlighten the world about radio waves they would be ostracize as an imbecile because even scientists back then did not believe in anything they could not see or trip over. The modern scientist is no more advanced because they are stared in the face by the power of God every day and yet they still do not believe in anything they can not explain with a test tube and a calculator.

There is so much more to the universe that most of us are so unwilling to see. Consider just these few examples from the Bible: 2 Kings 6:14-18, Luke 2:8-15, and Acts 12:1-11. Stranger things still happen today but most of us never hear about them. I have dived into my Bible and called out many more interesting conclusions on my Resources for a Biblical Worldview page. I hope you enjoy the rest of my website, it has been my hobby and personal creative outlet since college. Please check it out and send me your feedback.